Why I Love Star Trek

Star Trek debuted in 1967, the creation of its creator the write Gene Roddenberry. The series has gone on to touch millions of people, giving them something to talk about with one another as well as a future to aspire to. There are countless reasons why a person might be a Trek fan. I know, I am one.

However there are a number of reasons to love Trek that touch across every boundary and race. I am going to now list my top three reasons why I love the series. So, without further ado, let’s get to the list.

1. Star Trek is Exciting

The stories of Star Trek feature humanity in future episodes that capture the feeling of true excitement. I know that many feel that Trek is talky, but, if you think about, each episode is action packed. Imagine being in the 24th century and seeing a foreign, alien starship decloaking before you. Imagine the excitement that would be pumping through your veins. That’s what Trek represents. In it the impossible becomes possible and because of that they are able to tell stories that are simply too difficult to tell otherwise.

2. Star Trek features humanity at its best

In the future there will be no poverty, there will be no hunger and there will be no war. All people will love each other as brothers. It is this filial piety that excites so many in regards to the many series. It shows humanity overcoming the obstacles that face us today.

3. Star Trek has cool effects

There is nothing so cool as a fantastic Star Trek effect. A few of the early features were a little sketchy in the effects department. However, in recent years the films have boasted some cutting edge special effects which have been very exciting. If you are looking for visual excitement then this might be for you.

Those are my top three reasons for loving Trek. I know that there are millions of us out there and I enjoy the fact that we all have something in common and something to talk about. Let’s live long and prosper for another fifty years.


Star Trek Halloween Costumes Are Always a Great Choice For a Sci-Fi Party

Star Trek Halloween costumes are the perfect way to show your devotion to this fantastic program. Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays so it makes sense to get your costume ready early. Remember, you are no longer limited to dressing as zombies and witches.

People are always looking for affordable and comfortable alternatives when dressing up for a Halloween party. If you are a Trekkie fan, you are in luck. There are a number of Star Trek Halloween costumes available because the show had a variety of interesting characters. You could choose to dress up as any character, but everyone has their own favorite.

Halloween costumes, are very easy to find in stores or online. They are the most effective sci fi costumes on the market. You can choose to make your costume and then accessorize by searching through Star trek party supply stores.

You can easily find the perfect costume and accessories when you shop at one of these suppliers. They provide many options regarding character ideas and costume choices.

Men and boys have the choice of being Captain Kirk, Spock or even bones and woman can choose from the sexy look of Uhura or counsellor troi. The costumes are comfortable to wear for the whole evening and party, with the added bonus of no painting yourself green required.

The actual uniforms that the crew of star trek wore can be achieved very easily. You may have to find a star trek party supply store for the accessories such as Spock’s pointy ears as these could prove difficult to make.

The basic look of the crew’s uniform is always the same; black t-shirt, black pants, and a dark blue or mustard colored -v-neck jumper. It’s really the accessories that make Star Trek Halloween costumes look so great. Don’t forget the details like the silver cuffs, three silver bands, and Enterprise badge that adorn Captain Kirk’s uniform.

Other Halloween costumes will need gold name badges and cuffs to complete their look. Hairstyles are a big part of a Star Trek costume. You can achieve many of the looks with some styling and a bit of hair gel. If you aren’t prepared to start a new fashion trend and get a bowl-cut like Spock’s, you can simply wear a wig.

For the female costumes, a red or blue short style dress will be needed and then accessorized in the same way as the men’s costumes, adding the badges and cuff designs.

Star Trek Halloween costumes are always a favorite. Individuals wearing these costumes are usually remembered as having the best costume at the party. If you want to make a really big hit, get 4 or 5 friends together and wear some of the available group costumes. It will be hard to ignore a group entering the party dressed as the crew of the Enterprise.

Because the show has such a huge following, wearing one of the many available Star Trek Halloween costumes will give all the party goers something to talk about and give you something to talk about with other fans.


Star Trek – This is What the Star Wars Prequels Should Have Been

The new Star Trek movie has done that rarest of things with prequels/reboots, and has brought much-loved characters and situations into a new generation while holding onto what made the original so special in the first place. This is an incredible achievement. After the Star Trek movie franchise fizzled out with Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis, it looked as though after several decades of adventures, the Enterprise had finally run out of steam (or indeed Dilithium). Then came the news that a new start would be made. Fans had their reservations, but now we know that those worries were unfounded.

JJ Abranms has brought Star Trek back to the masses, and the end product has surpassed all of our wildest expectations. This isn’t a cynical cash-in of a reboot- this is a genuine attempt to reintroduce the Star Trek universe to a modern audience who had previously had no interest in it, while also giving long term fans something to be thrilled with. The reviews are almost unanimous in their high praise of the film and its exemplary cast, which is a wonderful thing to behold as a Star Trek fan and also a fan of film in general.

At last we have a Star Trek movie that fans and newcomers alike can enjoy and enthuse about, plus we finally have a film that it is possible to take seriously as a movie instead of an extended TV episode. This hasn’t been the case since the eighth film, Star Trek: First Contact, which has often been held in the same regard as the classic Wrath of Khan.

This is what the Star Wars prequels should have been like. As much as I love Star Wars and as much as I enjoyed the prequels (Hey, even The Phantom Menace had some great scenes in it), I have to compare the two and admit that Star Trek is the clear winner.

The Star wars prequels were too much of a mish-mash, with too many plot holes and too many lackluster explanations for things that had become science fiction legends. Couple this with uneven direction (Attack of the Clones is the weakest in that sense) and a cast that didn’t gel as much as they could have (green screens and digital characters can rob a set of atmosphere), and you have films lacking in the substance that made the originals so great.

Star Trek has clearly been made with respect for the source material on the part of every person involved with the project. The crew have done an incredible job, the cast are brilliant (the casting director deserves some serious accolades) and above all the story is compelling and well told.

With enough excitement to keep the action addicts happy and enough of the original Star trek mythos left intact while looking to the future of the franchise, it really is the film that the Star wars prequels should have been. They were fun misfires, where this is a serious science fiction film that is fun, moving and above all, happy to go where no-one has gone before.

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